Pain Coping Skills Training

Dr. Penni Vachon, APRN is a board certified nurse practitioner in Charleston, SC. Come see us at Lowcountry Wellness Center to help with your chronic pain management.

Pain Coping Skills Training (PCST) is a effective, brief intervention form of cognitive behavioral therapy that teaches patients how to control their chronic pain. Dr. Penni Vachon, APRN is one of less than 50 nurse practitioners in the United States certified in PCST. Through her doctoral education at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Dr. Penni Vachon focused on finding alternative ways to help her patients manage chronic pain related to arthritis, fibromyalgia, injuries and more.

Dr. Penni Vachon traveled to Long Island and learned under the skillful training of Dr. Patricia Bruckenthal at Stoney Brook University. Upon completion of her PCST education, Dr. Penni Vachon participated in a study that Dr. Bruckenthal was performing sponsored by Pfizer to determine the efficacy of PCST performed by private practice nurse practitioners. The final results of the study are pending publication. Dr. Penni Vachon is confident that the results will reveal an overwhelming decrease in the patients need for narcotic pain medication, an improvement in overall quality of life and a satisfaction that they are in control of their pain.

Dr. Penni Vachon looks forward to helping patients overcome their chronic pain and regain their health, both mentally and physically.

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